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Body Fillers

Evercoat Rage Gold
U-Pol Flyweight Gold
Septone Edge Rapid Sand
Isopon P38 Body Filler

Fine Fillers

Evercoat Easy Sand
Genrock GE80 Fine Filler
U-Pol Superb
U-Pol Dolphin Glaze
U-Pol Top StopĀ Gold
Wanda Fine Filler
Septone Edge Finishing Putty

Fibreglass Fillers

U-Pol Fibrall
Genrock G78
Isopon P40 Fibreglass Filler

Fibreglass resins and matting

Specialty Fillers

U-Pol SMC Filler
U-POl Plast-X Plastic Filler
Isopon Plastic Repair Filler
U-Pol Reface Polyester Spray Filler


Plastic Applicators
Metal Applicators
Onion Mixing Boards