Wattyl TDS

 Wattyl Industrial

Metal Coatings

All Purpose Primer – High quality anticorrosive primer for steel
Super Etch – Single pack epoxy etch primer
Cold Galvanising – Single pack epoxy zinc rich primer
All Purpose Enamel – General purpose fast dry enamel
Hammer Finish Enamel – Fast drying industrial enamel with hammer patter
Colourthane Primer Filler – Two pack, high build, fast curing polyurethane primer
Colourthane -Two pack, re-coatable, isocyanate cured, acrylic urethane finish

Protective Coatings

Duranamel BR22 – Single pack alkyd enamel topcoat
Epinamel CF602 – Two pack epoxy coating for concrete floors
Epinamel DTS680 – Two pack, high solids, surface tolerant, direct to metal epoxy
Epinamel DTM985 – Two Pack, surface tolerant, immersible epoxy
Epinamel PR250 – Two pack, high build epoxy primer
Epinamel TL710 – Two pack epoxy tank lining
Epinamel UC230 – Two pack, high build epoxy undercoat
Paracryl IFC – Two pack isocyanate free acrylic urethane
Poly U 400 – Two pack isocyanate cured polyurethane
Permachlor – Single pack chlorinated rubber

Marine Coatings

Seapro TC90 Tiecoat – Single pack chlorinated rubber tiecoat
Seapro EFC Fairing Compound – Two pack epoxy fairing compound
Seapro Plus 100 Antifouling – Single pack antifouling for aluminium vessels
Seapro CU120 Antifouling – Single pack antifouling
Seapro TP80 Timber Preserver – Two pack marine timber sealer